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How do I protect company data when my team works from home?

Many companies are allowing staff to work from home indefinitely, raising questions about how they can protect work data on personal or uncontrolled devices. Because we can lose company data in a variety of ways across different devices, we need to apply a variety of protection measures. Let’s take a look at the features in […]

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Managing identity risks with Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

Improvements to Azure AD Identity Protection have launched, making it easier to identify and manage identity risks in your organization. What is Azure Active Directory Identity Protection? Azure AD Identity Protection uses machine learning to identify signs of suspicious activity or issues that might cause you to have a compromised identity in your organization. We […]

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How do I prevent staff accidentally sending personal information outside the organisation?

While most organisations take measures to prevent and protect against external cyber-attacks, many don’t protect themselves against accidental leaks by their internal staff. Accidental disclosure is the unintentional release or sharing of sensitive information. In Australia, human error was the cause of 32% of reported data breaches in the last half of 2019. Sending private […]


What is Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

On April 21, 2020, Microsoft rebranded it’s small and medium business Office 365 products to Microsoft 365. This resulted in a name change for the popular Microsoft 365 Business product as well, which is now called Microsoft 365 Business Premium. We’ve been advocates of Microsoft 365 Business Premium for a while now. We believe it’s […]

How to detect a breach in Microsoft 365

How to detect a breach in Microsoft 365 When an attacker gains access to your environment, there’s no incentive for them to reveal their presence. Microsoft 365 data breaches will often go unnoticed for months, with attackers collecting information and waiting for opportunities to make money. The advice from Microsoft, and many others, is to […]

Should I use Dropbox Business or SharePoint and OneDrive?

Now more than ever, being able to work remotely is of critical importance. Ensuring that employees have the right tools to work from home or in isolation, is a real concern for business owners. Why do we recommend Dropbox Business instead of OneDrive and SharePoint? This is a question we’re asked occasionally and it’s something […]


How to connect to delegated Office 365 tenants using the secure app model

Connect to delegated Office 365 tenants via PowerShell using the Secure App Model To increase security, Microsoft is requiring that Microsoft Partners have Multi-Factor authentication enabled on all partner accounts. To ensure that delegated admin scripts continue to work correctly, Microsoft Partners will need to authenticate using the secure app model. This guide will cover […]