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How to create an Azure Storage Container in the old portal

Here’s how to create an Azure Storage Account Container in the old Microsoft Azure portal at https://manage.windowsazure.com, assuming you already have an Azure subscription and existing Azure Storage account. You will need an existing storage account. See this guide for how to create one. Login to https://manage.windowsazure.com Open your existing storage account. Click Containers then […]

How to login to Office 365

How to login to Office 365 When you’re getting started with Office 365, you might find our Office 365 for Beginners videos to be helpful. Feel free to watch the video and read the summary below. Your Office 365 account = Your identity Office 365 works best when everybody in the team has an Office 365 […]

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Managing identity risks with Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

Improvements to Azure AD Identity Protection have launched, making it easier to identify and manage identity risks in your organization. What is Azure Active Directory Identity Protection? Azure AD Identity Protection uses machine learning to identify signs of suspicious activity or issues that might cause you to have a compromised identity in your organization. We […]

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How do I prevent staff accidentally sending personal information outside the organisation?

While most organisations take measures to prevent and protect against external cyber-attacks, many don’t protect themselves against accidental leaks by their internal staff. Accidental disclosure is the unintentional release or sharing of sensitive information. In Australia, human error was the cause of 32% of reported data breaches in the last half of 2019. Sending private […]