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Sync UniFi Sites with IT Glue

Sync UniFi sites with IT Glue If you’re managing your clients UniFi devices in one or more UniFi Controllers, you can use this guide to sync important info from those devices with IT Glue. This can give your help desk staff quick access to important information on UniFi Devices, Wifi Networks, LAN/WAN details, port forwarding, […]


Sync IT Glue organisations with a SharePoint List via PowerShell

Sync IT Glue organisations with a SharePoint List via PowerShell This script will create a SharePoint list on your root SharePoint site called ‘ITGlue Org Register‘ populated with some basic details for each of your IT Glue organisations. We refer to this SharePoint List in some of our other guides. It’s used as a reference […]

Create a SharePoint Application for the Microsoft Graph via PowerShell

Create a SharePoint Application for the Microsoft Graph via PowerShell This script will create an application in your Azure AD tenant with permission to access SharePoint. The application will be created with the Sites.Manage.All App Only permission which will, among other things, allow it to create and edit lists. We will refer to this script […]

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A new SharePoint-powered files experience is coming to Microsoft Teams

This update will bring extra document management capabilities from SharePoint into Microsoft Teams. The current Microsoft Teams files experience The document storage and collaboration functionality in Microsoft Teams is built on SharePoint. Every Microsoft Team is also an Office 365 Group, and each team has a group-connected SharePoint site which stores all the files shared […]

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Office 365 ATP can now be integrated into your SIEM

Office 365 Advanced Threat protection and Office 365 threat intelligence logs can now be integrated into your SIEM solution. Threats discovered by these services can be made available on the audit.general workload of the Office 365 Management APIs. What are the Office 365 Management APIs? The Office 365 Management APIs are essentially the API version […]

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Privileged access management in Office 365

A compromised administrator account or an admin becoming a disgruntled ex-employee is a source of serious risk to a business. This is because traditionally admins can do whatever they want, whenever they want. To address this issue, Microsoft have developed Privileged Access Management. What is Privileged Access Management? Privileged Access Management works on the principle […]

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Microsoft Secure Score support for new controls

Microsoft Secure Score has added new controls to support Microsoft Cloud App security and Azure Active Directory. What is Microsoft Secure Score? Microsoft Secure Score is a solution that rates how well you’re leveraging security controls for Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. You can check your secure score, and see how you compare […]