How to protect data with Microsoft 365 encryption

Data Encryption In Microsoft 365


Encryption is really about protecting data. It’s the measures we put in place to ensure that our data is under control, no matter where it ends up.


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Why do I need to configure additional encryption in Microsoft 365?

When done well, encryption gives business owners peace of mind. Ensuring that intellectual property and sensitive communications can only be accessed by the right people – even if they fall into the wrong hands.

However, getting data encryption right can be tricky. For it to work effectively, your data needs to be encrypted both at rest on, and in transit between, devices that you may not have complete control over.

Doesn’t Microsoft protect my data already?

On Microsoft’s end, they use technologies called volume-level and service encryption to protect your data in their data centres. They also use TLS encryption to secure your connection to your information in the cloud. These measures are part of why companies trust Microsoft with their files. Still, they don’t automatically protect your sensitive information when it’s stored on your own devices or sent outside your company.

How should I configure additional data protection in Microsoft 365?

Where possible, encryption should be hands-off for users. Appropriate permissions and additional encryption measures should be applied automatically. And if a user needs to manually tag a particular document or email as sensitive, it should be easy for them to do so.

It should also be simple for the right people, both internal and external, to access and work on the document or email securely and without impeding productivity.

Additionally, there are several considerations around the accidental and intentional sharing of sensitive info to be addressed:

  • You need to be able to control a document when you send it to someone outside your organisation, like a contractor.
  • You need to prevent people from accidentally sharing a document outside the organisation.
  • You need to protect against a rogue employee taking a copy of a document before they start a job with your competitor.

We configure seamless encryption that protects your data no matter where it is. We’ve put together a free document with an overview on how we achieve this so that you can do it yourself, or see how we can help.

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