Cannot Share from OneNote

Cannot Share from OneNote

You may have an issue with OneNote not allowing you to share Notebooks from the desktop version.


Cannot Share From OneNote

It may look like it’s trying to share your notebook, only to go back to only having one person with access to the document.


You might need to verify your Microsoft Account.


To resolve this, you may need to verify your Microsoft account. To confirm whether this is the cause of the issue for you, we need to open the OneNote notebook using OneNote Online.

  1. Go to www.onenote.com
  2. Click Sign in on the top rightSign In To OneNote Online
  3. Since this issue will likely only affect Microsoft Accounts, Click Sign in with a Microsoft Account.Sign In To OneNote Online With A Microsoft Account
  4. Enter your username and password, sign in and open the Notebook you are trying to Share
  5. Click File, then Share, then Share with People.Attempt To Share With People
  6. Enter an email address of someone that you want to share the notebook with and click Share. You may receive a message that states ‘Sharing from this account has been temporarily blocked. To get unblocked, please verify your account info‘.Verify Microsoft Account ToShareOneNote Notebook With Others
  7. If you see this message, click verify your account info.
  8. Enter your mobile number, click Send code and enter it to verify your account.Enter Mobile Number To Verify Account
  9. Once you’ve verified your account, try sharing the notebook again. You should be able to add other users now!Sharing OneNote NotebooksWorks From Verified Accounts
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