Excel 2016 stuck on Opening in Protected View

Excel 2016 stuck on Opening in Protected View


You may be experiencing an issue opening Excel documents from emails or online using Excel 2016. Excel will seem to freeze or hang on Opening in Protected View.Excel Hangs While Opening In Protected View


It may also display an error that states Microsoft Excel (Protected View) has stopped working. Followed by the error: ‘The file is corrupt and cannot be opened’.Excel Protected View Has Stopped WorkingExcel 2016 File Is Corrupt And Cannot Be Opened


In many cases, this seems to be an issue with the DisplayLink drivers. If you’re using a DisplayLink adapter to run an external monitor, you may encounter this issue. If your DisplayLink adapter is plugged in, Excel will usually hang on the Opening in Protected View screen. If the adapter is unplugged, Excel will usually display the ‘Microsoft Excel (Protected View) has stopped working’ error.

According to this support thread, DisplayLink are aware of the issue and are working on a driver update.


To work around the issue with the DisplayLink Drivers, you will need to disable hardware graphics acceleration.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open Excel 2016 in a new window
  2. Click FileFix Excel 2016 Protected View Issue
  3. Click OptionsOpen Options In Excel 2016
  4. Click AdvancedClick Advanced In Excel 2016 Options
  5. Under Display, check the box ‘Disable hardware graphics acceleration‘.Check Disable Graphics Hardware Acceleration In Excel 2016
  6. Click OK, close Excel, and try to open the document via email again.

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