How to set up a signature in Outlook

  1. Click File.Click File To Add A Signature To Outlook 2016
  2. Click Options.Open Options To Add A Signature To Outlook 2016
  3. Click Mail.Click Mail In Options In Outlook
  4. Click Signatures.Click Signatures Under Mail in Options in Outlook
  5. Click New.Create A New Signature In Outlook
  6. Give your new signature a name.Give Your Outlook Signature A Name
  7. Create or copy your signature in the Edit signature box. You can use the formatting options to change fonts and text sizing. You can also insert pictures using the Insert Picture icon on the right.
    Once you’re happy with your signature, be sure to set it as the default signature for your mail account. You can set it as the default for New messages, Replies/forwards, or both.
    Click OK to save and close.Customise Your Outlook Signature
  8. Your new signature will now appear automatically when composing an email.Your Signature Will Now Appear In Outlook

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