How to remove the Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host prompt

We’ve had a recent issue with the Search Protocol Host in Windows 10 prompting for credentials from older, inactive Exchange mail accounts.

It appears that the Search Protocol Host is now indexing data files from old Outlook profiles, hence why it’s asking for old usernames and passwords.

The credentials prompt states, Windows Security – Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host – Connecting to [email protected]:Microsoft Search Protocol Host prompts for mail credentials

There are are some forum posts mentioning the issue, though no definite fix was reported. Here’s what worked for us:

How to stop Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host from asking for older mail credentials

  1. Right click on the start button and choose Control PanelOpen Control Panel
  2. Open Mail. (Search in the top right search field if you can’t find it)Open Mail
  3. Select the older mail profile that matches the account listed in the Microsoft Windows Search Protocol Host credential window, and click Remove. Then click OK.Remove the older mail profile
  4. The issue should now be resolved.

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