Set up Office 365 email on iPhone using Outlook for iOS

GCITS recommends the Outlook for iOS app when using Office 365 on an iPhone. It gives you an awesome feature called Focused Inbox, allows you to reschedule email for later reminders, and customise simple swipe shortcuts to better organise your inbox.

Setup Office 365 email on iPhone using Outlook for iOS

  1. Download Outlook for iOS from the App Store here, or just search for Outlook on the App Store.
  2. Open the Outlook app and tap Get StartedDownload Outlook For iOS
  3. Swipe through the introductory screens and tap Add AccountAdd An Office 365 Account To iPhone
  4. Tap Office 365Tap Office 365 Account
  5. Enter your Office 365 email and passwordEnter Your Office 365 Details
  6. Your account will appear in the Settings of the app.View Account In Settings

Make Outlook for iOS work better for you

Customise the swipe shortcuts in the Outlook for iOS app.

This will allow you to swipe emails left or right to schedule, archive, delete, flag etc.Customise Outlook For iOS Swipe Options

Add a storage account to attach files from other cloud services

You can also setup Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box as storage accounts. You can attach files from these locations to emails directly from the app.Add A Storage Account To Outlook For iOS

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